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    Stock 20" wheels? Wondering about tire size? Look here.

    I really like my sport wheels. Those 20” limiteds are growing on me fast.
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    Cold Air Intake

    ^^^^ that’s correct. I should of clarified, thank you.
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    Cold Air Intake

    FYI- if you have or plan on getting a catch can. With s&b intake will have to be relocated.
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    What's with the oil catch cans?

    ^^^^ Why I have one, as at this time I’ll be keeping this truck for the long haul.
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    No remote start even with 1/8 tank of gas??

    Same as above statements
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    Oil Preference?

    Please let us know. That oil has caught my eye
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    Mopar Ram airflow kit

    Well it’s finally out and even installed.....thank you peeps that bought and shared your experience with them. That helps out the community on what way they may go. Good stuff right there(y). Here we are still with no dyno numbers, nothing from manufacturer. Not that I give a hoot as numbers...
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    Best CAI

    I hear ya there on the JR. I want the tube myself. Factory one has what looks to be a last second design. As the 4th gens box to throttle body tube has a more efficient design imo. I just can’t justify the price tho. For not much more you can get a whole kit. Specially after I’ve bought a drop...
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    Anyone have any info on these Corsa cold air intakes. ?

    It is, but per it’s design. I’ve only seen fit in factory intakes that came with it. The design doesn’t work on a flat/drop style filter set up.
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    Anyone have any info on these Corsa cold air intakes. ?

    Donaldson filter efficiency is way up there. One of the best flow to filtration ratio
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    Lifter tick on cold start

    All I’m saying is that it may not always be the tech, service writer or even the dealership. Just FCA not approving more time diag, approve the fix or delay response for all.
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    Lifter tick on cold start

    ^^^ Your last sentence is spot on. With emphasis on competent. I’m not hating, but have been that frustrated customer. as being in the industry I do have a soft side at times for good solid techs at the dealership. To get paid half the time or less on a job because it’s under warranty would be...
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    eTorque in cold weather

    Batteries of any kind hate hot over cold. The hybrid battery will feed the 12v battery if need be. You will be fine up there with etorque.
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    Transmission Bell-housing Leak?

    I will say, if I haven’t already. I had dealer look at it some time back. Did a extensive cleaning on it. I do have a few 100 miles till I do an oil change to truly confirm. All times I’ve looked since then nothing has returned.