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    Falken WildPeak Tire Pressures

    I’ve played around with pressures for some time. 45f/40r for me.
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    New from GA!

    Welcome & good looking ride!!
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    Excessive noise at 1500 RPM

    ^^^^ to manually turn it off have to hit gear select on steering wheel. Set it to 8 will have to redo every ignition cycle
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    E-Torque Bearing noise, **VIDEO** Ideas?

    Nice !! Keep us informed
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    Excessive noise at 1500 RPM

    High idle it shouldn’t do. That noise is probably the mds kicked in. Mine does same at certain speed and gear when in 4 mode
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    E-Torque Bearing noise, **VIDEO** Ideas?

    Off to the dealer you go. Hey I noticed you have the same unlocked ac lines plastic clip holder not snapped in
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    Highest MPG you ever got?

    Highest was 23.3 on a short highway road trip on truck not hand calculated. Wasn’t that long of a trip to burn enough of a tank. 18.5-19.3 daily commute. Last hand calculation 18.9 on daily. Will say slow city speeds kills my truck. I just watched it drop big time from running around at friends...
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    33x12.50 on stock 22s

    Looks great!!! I’ll be rolling that size when my factories wear out!!
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    Question on S&B Cold Air Intake

    Just have to relocate the can. To firewall.
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    Best CAI

    ^^^congrats!!! I’d take just about any intake system if it was free!! Right place at the right time (y)
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    Best CAI

    This is one I have. 1/2-1/3rd the price of others.Does its job perfect. I’ve had it on for 8 months or so. Last time I removed vapor hose from can to intake manifold was still dry with nothing in it. Just like when install was done...
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    Hi everyone, this is Matt from B2 Fabrication

    ^^^ believe he is the only one that deals with emails . Be patient, I ran into same thing
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    Rear cabin noise 2019 Laramie Sport

    ^^^if you look on the sides of the cab to bed area you see a seals on both sides. They add another like that just under the truck. Atleast that was the fix for mine
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    STINKY 2019 Bighorn 1500 5.7 Hemi

    I’ve had the same smell. It was in cab though. It has faded off since. I tried to find some good good just in hopes but nothing yet. Lol
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    Hi everyone, this is Matt from B2 Fabrication

    Grats neurobit!! Let us know your thoughts