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Recent content by jag182

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    USB Power

    It appears the USB ports are always hot. Any ideas if leaving a USB led light in the front and one in the back will drain the battery?
  2. J

    Order Tracking

    So here's 100% verified what's going on at the plant. I know this because I'm in Michigan a few miles from the plant and I currently have colleagues in that plant doing work. The plant stopped production on the 28th of Dec. to re-tool for the TRX program. Production restarted today. Things...
  3. J

    Order Tracking

    Ordered 12-4. Been in D1 status since 12-20. I live a few miles from plant. Maybe I should stop by and see what’s going on. I have a friend who works at the classic Ram plant and he is friends with the scheduling guy. He had his dad‘s classic Ram built and delivered to the dealer within 4 days...
  4. J

    Nitto Ridge 305/45/r22 question

    Any pics fellas ?
  5. J

    2020 Bed Lights

    Regarding bed lights for existing factory installed lights......Are there bulb or light upgrades out there that are a direct swap? Also, is there a "kit" of lights that you could install that tap into the existing lights that would go on and off in sync with the factory installed lights...
  6. J

    Nitto Ridge 305/45/r22 question

    There‘s a post out there with photos of a white ram with OEM 22’s and he has the Nitto RG in 33x12.5xr22 and he claims there is no rub. They are larger than the 305’s. You could also do the 285/45/r22 which are even a tad smaller. I’m in the same boat. Have a new 2020 being built now and I plan...
  7. J

    LEVELING - Drop Rear -or- Raise Front?

    Picking up a new 2020 Laramie sport with OEM 22" wheel. My plan is to switch tire to Nitto 33x12.5xr22. The question is do I lower the rear or raise the front? Current plan is to lower the rear with new lowering springs. Quick & cheap to level out and close the gap a bit. Would love to hear...