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    Is the 3.21 gear sufficient?

    You can look up your build sheet here and it will tell you what gears you have. Just put your VIN at the end of the URL. You will be just fine towing with 3.21. I tow my 24', 6500# boat with no problems.
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    AC issues

    Doesn't seem relevant: "Attorneys have reason to suspect that Fiat Chrysler failed to properly flush the casting sand out of the engine blocks on some of its cars when they were made. It is believed that, as a result, the residual sand can circulate throughout the cooling system and settle as a...
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    Can anyone actually tell the difference i power between the 5.7 and 5.7 with Etorque? Please post.

    Don't you mean, if the AC would cool with the engine ON? Oh, sorry....topic for another thread.... LOL
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    1500 temps and towing issue and questions

    While towing my boat (~7000lb) I have no problem with acceleration in steep grades, just be sure to turn on the tow/haul mode so the truck stays in the lower gears longer. Towing will push the engine and run temp hotter, but 220 should be within normal range. As long as the fan is running when...
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    weird thing happened

    Yes, I have had this happen 3 times in 17 months of ownership. I think it has to do with the tire pressure monitor, as this is the screen that displays when the horn honks and the hazards flash. Not 100% on this though.
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    Differential or Transmission Clunk

    Hey, while they are there, why don't you have them fix the blend door....:oops:
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    Siriux XM Renewal

    I always call them a couple days before it is due to renew and I tell them I want to cancel. I decline a couple of their offers and eventually they will offer me 5 or 6 months (depending on the offer) for $20. A lot cheaper than their regular prices. The catch is you have to keep calling them...
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    Changed Dash Speakers To Kickers...WOW!

    My 1/4" socket set was able to remove the screws without any problems.
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    Air conditioning performance

    Here is a pic of my sticker. Build date of Feb 2018
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    Am I Clueless? Later Model 2019 Build

    Feb 20, 2018 build date. Our trucks must be siblings...
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    For those that want to add the factory trailer brake controller...

    And you believed them? There are plenty of places online that you can buy all the parts for a little over $100. Installation is pretty straight forward. All you need the dealer for is to get the sales code added.
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    Limited DRL's

    Only thing about these LED DRL's is that they shut off when you turn on the turn signal. makes the car look broken. I am so glad our accent lights stay on with the blinkers.
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    Chime malfunction sound

    Post the video to youtube and share the link.