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Recent content by hifiaudio2

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    2020 Ram 1500 12" - any Uconnect / display updates in last year or so?

    I have a 2020 1500 Limited and haven't seen or read anything about any updates for the past year or two. Have there been any? I see pictures of 2020s displaying the native nav on the bottom half of the screen and Carplay/Android auto on the top. Mine will not do that.. not sure if that was a...
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    New 12" Uconnect Software Version 19.33.11? New Update 19.43.1a

    Okay got it what number do you want off that? Software version says 19.43.1a
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    New 12" Uconnect Software Version 19.33.11? New Update 19.43.1a

    When I stopped the truck after a trip and put it in park a note came on the screen saying there was an update. I told it to update now and turned off the truck but a screen came up after that showing progress. I went away and came back to an updated Uconnect. I have the same screen as shown...
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    New 12" Uconnect Software Version 19.33.11? New Update 19.43.1a

    I got an update pushed as well. Guess this is going out everywhere. Not completed so I don't know what, if anything important, it changed.
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    12" Uconnect Feature update wish list.

    We have this thread going, but does anyone know if FCA actually looks to add significant changes or features to the Uconect system over its life? Are those dealer performed only upgrades, if so?
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    2020 Ram 1500 Limited 4x4 Software issues?

    Mine did the issue you describe with the backup camera tonight for the first time. Touch screen was unresponsive except to change camera views but could not get it off that screen. It did show the comfort touch screen on the bottom card. Nothing would fix even after I pulled over into a parking...
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    Bottom Card options with Android Auto (and I assume Carplay) connected?

    With AA or CP connected, I can of course get various AA screens on the top card, with the bottom card presenting selections like phone, nav, etc. BUT - the only selections that seem to work for the bottom card are comfort or the media selection. If I select phone, it instead pulls up the AA...
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    Pennzoil Ultra Platinum

    How many qts does the Hemi v8 etorque take? I could go find the manual, but more fun to just ask, lol.
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    Limited Leather Perforated Seats

    Came here from searching driver seat leather on limiteds. My middle section on the driver's seat looks different from any other part of the seat, including the middle section on the passenger seat. Rougher and more of a wrinkle texture like you show....
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    What fuel for 5.7

    Right, exactly
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    12" Uconnect Feature update wish list.

    Y Yep Android does it. Not sure if any Oems yet, but multiple aftermarket head units.
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    What fuel for 5.7

    I buy all gas at Costco and the choices are 87 and 91, so I suppose it's better to go over the recommended octane rather than under...?
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    Price Check on Used 2019 Limited

    Where is 11% below invoice + incentives being gotten?
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    Engine Break In

    "After the initial 60 miles (100 km), speeds up to 50 or 55 mph (80 or 90 km/h) are desirable." - so stay off the interstate until 60 miles? "While cruising, brief full-throttle acceleration within the limits of local traffic laws contributes to a good break-in. " So this means drive about...
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    Maintenance warranty?

    Yeah I'm thinking more about a good deal lol