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  • Hello, I am a new person to this site and also a newbe to newer trucks. Las truck I owned was a 85 ElCamino that was slightly modified, 350cu. 300hp. I now have a great, imo, 2019 1500,with w 6 cyl. I really am just learning what this truck and do, but looking forward to enjoying the s... out of it. I love this creature. Thanks
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    2WD or 4WD? Having a 2015, when I visited home I'd always rent for the week I was there. I'd get the cheapest car there was online then as soon as I went to pick up, I almost always get a Ram for not too much difference at the pick up booth. I had a Pentastar a couple of times and once, I had a 2WD (fine for Indiana) and I think I got 24 mpg on the lyometer once on the highway around a 100 mile trip...
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