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    New 12" Uconnect Software Version 19.33.11? New Update 19.43.1a

    I get the issue of having to adjust the heat because it will get too hot then it will get too cold issue. Also I get the unrecognized usb cable issue. The gps unfortunately for me works still when you put in an address seems its a little lost so i just put in name of the location...
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    Installing 360 view camera?

    i've thought of this also since i just bought a tonneau cover for my truck bed. I'm also in process of finding a camera to put on front windshield and back windshield to pick up in case someone backs into my 2019 laramie truck.
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    Uconnect remote app commands not working after a while

    I will try this because remote commands don't work at all with starting my vehicle. I love this truck and willing to put up with things but FCA needs to get their head out of the dirt and handle this multitude of truck issue which are software issues
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    Device not supported

    the exact same thing happened to me last month on my 2019 laramie sport. Also i've had the entire screen go out and not do anything but it started working the next morning. The dealerships don't have anything because i've gone in there multiple times. I'm waiting for FCA to come out with an update.
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    Ram Customer Care on the 12" Uconnect Issue - They finally called.

    i'm going through the same mess with the usb issues and the navigation concerns. I can't wait for this big update coming out that is supposed to fix these issues....we will see
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    My 2019 Laramie 1500

    they look awesome...How much of change in fuel economy? Easy ride?
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    What's the No. 1 thing that disappointed you the most about your truck ?

    I second what you are saying sir.....The usb, uconnect and no wireless carplay can be a little cumbersome. Even my 12 inch screen seems give error messages I guess for some usb plugs. I know my 2019 laramie loaded is a first generation and i love it but i can't wait till the 12 inch console is...
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    My 2019 Laramie 1500

    This is a sweet truck....Can't wait to see when you get the Nitto Ridge's on it.