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    Tow mirror extensions

    They have then in stock on amazon now. Just ordered mine
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    Program light switch

    Sorry, but if you turn DRL’s on, the headlights turn on
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    Tool / Gear / Recovery / Utility Boxes (VEDC)

    I went with rambox :LOL: But I also have the Plano box for bigger items. Every thing on the first list I keep in the ramboxes
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    12” Software update is out

    INSPECTION: 1. Verify the radio software version. Radio must be in Dealer Mode to verify by following these steps: a. Press and hold the both lower corners of the display screen, until the Dealer Mode screen appears (approximately seven seconds). Release buttons, (Fig. 1) . b. Select 9Radio Part...
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    Amateur Radio (ham) install

    Sorry I didn’t respond sooner, but I was in Australia for a month, most of it out out of visual range of land and cell service. Car toys did my ham radio install
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    install Mopar Cab Protector and Mopar Mudguards on my new 2019 Rebel

    If you mean the plastic covers between the cab and the rambox, they just pop off. What isn’t under them is stake pockets. The cab protecter has two problems, first it is designed to use the stake pockets, second is that the base of the protecter extends over the rambox by several inches
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    install Mopar Cab Protector and Mopar Mudguards on my new 2019 Rebel

    No, the cab protecter will not work with rambox
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    Tow mirror extensions

    Fit System has a nice picture on their site, but they are not available yet :confused:
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    Tow Mirrors

    K source is supposed to have snap on tow mirrors in June for the 2019 ram 1500
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    Tow Mirrors

    Just be aware you loose a few things if you get the stock tow mirrors Not defrosted Not power folding No cameras for the 360 view, assuming it is equipped with that
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    Neat adaptive headlights

    You need to try the adaptive cruise control, it pretty neat as well
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    Uconnect remote app commands not working after a while

    I was using the xm guardian app and had no issues, until they end of lifed it. Never had much luck with the Uconnect one, so I put in a trouble ticket. The response I got was that the iOS app only works with iPhone, not with an iPad. I tried switching to the phone and it seems to be working...
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    Roof rack...

    Do you have the panoramic sun roof, am wondering if there is any interference
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    Remote camera

    The funny part was when I looked it up in the manual, I searched for cigarette outlet and didn’t find it. Only the best for ram, it is under cigar outlet :LOL:
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    Voice Recognition - anyone get to send text or search address

    This has been an issue since 2012, for all Apple phones. I doubt it will ever get fixed. The workaround is to use Siri to do voice to text, that works fairly well