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    Hanging plastic line protector under truck

    So my Dealership ordered me a new one and put it on last week. I finally had a chance to climb under the truck to inspect it yesterday. All the did was replace it with the same exact item nothing different between new and old. I did have to pull it back off and reinstall it though, the tech...
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    Hanging plastic line protector under truck

    So walked out today and immediately notice that it was once again hanging down. Snapped it back up, I guess it is time to have Ram fix it under warranty.
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    Hanging plastic line protector under truck

    I did not, I just snapped mine back up. If it is leaking something that is bad since it covers the fuel lines.
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    Hanging plastic line protector under truck

    Since that original issue it has not happened again and I check all the time.
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    Mirror is blue

    So started my truck today and my mirror turned blue, its 90 degrees out side did my mirror defrost turn on?
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    Ram towing a Ford with a Chevy engine

    Glad to hear it did so well, I am towing a 68 El Camino to Dallas from MD for a show this October. I installed a Timbren SES kit so hopefully that will help with the squat.
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    Hi everyone, this is Matt from B2 Fabrication

    I just installed mine this morning and could not be happier. The sound is just what I was looking for, a nice throaty rumble at start up and while idling, then as you accelerate it gives you that nice V-8 sound, get to cruising highway speed and you don't even notice it. When ECO mode kicked in...
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    SiriusXm Guardian access

    It is not something you want trust me, many people on here me included have never got it to work properly. Once my year is up I am down with it.
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    sun shade recommendation

    So i have the WeatherTech for all 5 windows and love it. The truck sits for days and having all the windows covered defeninetly keeps the heat inside the vehicle way down here is what I got
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    Sumo Springs on 2019 Ram 1500 4X4

    I purchased the 1500DQ
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    What tools are in your truck washing cabinet? and have always been exceptionally happy with the results.
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    Sumo Springs on 2019 Ram 1500 4X4

    I can't say how the Sumo springs are I put a set of Timbren SES instead based on users here giving them positive reviews. They were super easy to install.
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    Black Appearance group with two tone interior

    My Big Horn Black appearance interior is the Diesel Gray from the dash down including the seats, everything above that is beige in color. If you do a search I know it has been talked about in prior posts
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    Cargo tiedown hooks

    The bull ring 1066 does work for our trucks. I had to sand down a little of the bed Line-X to get them in but am extremely happy with them. You can only put them in the open top holes right above the factory hooks at the front of the bed.
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    Bighorn Black Appearance Package aftermarket upgrades

    Where did you get the lugs from and how are they holding up?