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    SiriusXm Guardian access

    It is not something you want trust me, many people on here me included have never got it to work properly. Once my year is up I am down with it.
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    sun shade recommendation

    So i have the WeatherTech for all 5 windows and love it. The truck sits for days and having all the windows covered defeninetly keeps the heat inside the vehicle way down here is what I got
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    Sumo Springs on 2019 Ram 1500 4X4

    I purchased the 1500DQ
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    What tools are in your truck washing cabinet? and have always been exceptionally happy with the results.
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    Sumo Springs on 2019 Ram 1500 4X4

    I can't say how the Sumo springs are I put a set of Timbren SES instead based on users here giving them positive reviews. They were super easy to install.
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    Black Appearance group with two tone interior

    My Big Horn Black appearance interior is the Diesel Gray from the dash down including the seats, everything above that is beige in color. If you do a search I know it has been talked about in prior posts
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    Cargo tiedown hooks

    The bull ring 1066 does work for our trucks. I had to sand down a little of the bed Line-X to get them in but am extremely happy with them. You can only put them in the open top holes right above the factory hooks at the front of the bed.
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    Bighorn Black Appearance Package aftermarket upgrades

    Where did you get the lugs from and how are they holding up?
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    Bighorn Black Appearance Package aftermarket upgrades

    Thanks, they are on my list of things I need to buy.
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    Bighorn Black Appearance Package aftermarket upgrades

    Which window visors are you using?
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    Rear Under-Seat Storage - Aftermarket Options

    Nick sorry for the delayed response, I do not have the reclining rear seats, so i could not answer your question
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    Speaker Replacement Hamonic Hum Noise Problem

    Mike, How does the stock radio sound now that you upgraded the speakers. I was looking to do the same thing but was a little leery with just the basic 6 speaker radio set up. Also what speakers did you use? Thanks Chirs
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    Bull bars?

    You would think they would but they don't , and actually increase the amount of damage to the vehicle that they are installed on in an accident, especialy low speed accidents.
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    Uconnect daylight savings glitch?

    Yea got in at 9:45pm and it said 8:45pm and when I looked it said it was set to mirror GPS time. I have not been in it today to see if it changed to DLS time
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    My Ram app

    So the my Mopar works. The only difference between the to apps was the my RAM had a 1500 as opening screen instead of the Challenger and the logo was the ram for the app icon