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Recent content by Carll M

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    Online navigation lost after cancelation xm guardian

    I have been able to connect Google maps on my iPhone with a hard wire connection to the display. I got a 180 degree connector on Amazon so I can put the phone in one of the cup holders upright no problem. I also like Apple Car Play though my phone and it charges the phone while you use it.
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    Takes hours for uconnect to fully turn on after disconnecting battery

    My 2019 Limited is now on its second battery. Died in less than one year, had to have it towed to the dealer, all covered under warranty fortunately. Bought a Battery tender to keep it on life support as I do not drive much in this pandemic time. I do love driving this truck though and love...
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    Takes hours for uconnect to fully turn on after disconnecting battery

    I suppose it's normal, I had the same exact problem when my battery died. Not sure what caused that since it's less than a year old 2019 Ram Limited.