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    B2Fab resonator delete kit

    I posted this in a different thread... I have the Flowmaster Outlaw muffler with the B2 resonator deletes, with stock black tips. https://5thgenrams.com/community/threads/b2-fabrication-exhaust-sound-clips.14043/post-258817
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    B2 fabrication exhaust sound clips

    Like I said before, I have the Flowmaster Outlaw direct-fit muffler and the B2 resonator deletes. I have a video I took but I don’t know how to upload it. It’s very loud at startup and full throttle, but cruising and low speeds it’s not overly loud. Surprisingly the drone is relatively less...
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    B2 fabrication exhaust sound clips

    Yeah I was surprised at how much throatier it was with the resonators removed. I’d really like to hear how much it changes the sound with the stock muffler still on. That wouldn’t change the sound enough for me, but I’m curious how it would sound.
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    B2 fabrication exhaust sound clips

    Totally a guess, but I doubt if it would sound much different if you deleted the front single resonator and left in the rear ones, as opposed to doing the opposite. Only thing with plugging the weep holes is that moisture will build up with nowhere to drain. Again a guess, but seems like it...
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    B2 fabrication exhaust sound clips

    It appears that I was first! I have the rear resonator deletes installed in my 2019 1500 Hemi. A couple weeks prior, I installed the Flowmaster Outlaw direct fit muffler. Unreal sound with the combo of the two together! (Matt has some sound clips) I had a little drone with the Outlaw by...
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    Flowmaster Outlaw Direct-fit Muffler

    I wouldn’t plug the weep holes. That’s how the moisture gets out of the resonators. I had the direct-fit Flowmaster FX on first, then put on the direct-fit Outlaw. I like the Outlaw much better. It’s certainly a bit louder and has a little bit of drone, but not bad at all.
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    Resonator size

    Anyone know the inlet and outlet size for the two rear resonators? I already put in the Flowmaster bolt in muffler but want to get rid of the puffing sound from the 2 rear resonators by replacing them with straight pipe. I don’t plan to spend the $ on the Flowmaster resonator delete kit unless...
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    Newb here

    Belonged to many boards, but new here! Have a 2019 Bighorn blackout.