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    2024 Ram electric pickup

    LOL. Texas and California are a world apart. One of the main reasons CA is so expensive, without knowing a thing about Texas infrastructure, is that California had to build all new structures, power lines and most importantly: additional gas based power plants at all solar installations. And...
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    TSB #24-001-20 A/C Fix. Has anyone had it done yet? Plus are you happy with the results?

    I have a 2020 Rebel.. AC seems to be fine... but it takes several minutes before it does anything when I first start it up, you know, when the truck is actually well into triple digits. I've taken it up as a quirk, maybe a penalty of some environmental reg on car makers. So I start 'r up...
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    2024 Ram electric pickup

    For the record, the reason for this condition is the very aggressive push to solar and wind. The solar and wind, complete with entirely new power lines to those remote areas, forced PGE (famously) to neglect most of the stuff most utiltiy companies perform regularly. What is CAs CO2 goals again...
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    Desert Dawg Ram Rebel Build

    Lol. Well, ultimately take it as a compliment. I had a custom ordered C7, and it looked awesome. Months later, I see , MY SAME CAR, in a nearby neighborhood. I was so relieved to see he had chrome wheels. It ruined his entire car making my car look all the better. Whew. But I was flattered and...
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    Any good methods to buff out some "desert pinstriping"?

    i applaud the street cred and the manhood. clean, shiny trucks are for.. for... I don’t know, but put an insult here.
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    Post your avg MPG on your Rebel

    Bad resolution. 23.3 MPG. It was over 24 after exiting
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    Post your avg MPG on your Rebel

    Long story... I got a call, put on adaptive cruise behind a truck and proceeded to drive about 20 miles... at 55 mph. This is the mileage after a few red lights a bit after exiting the freeway.
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    Difference in gas mileage between the 3.21 and 3.92?

    I get 13.5 MPG on 87 octane and 14.5 to 15.2 on 89. One day, in the towing section, someone complained about their Rebel only getting 8 MPG towing a trailer. Seemed low.. the guy casually mentions setting the cruise control to 75 MPH with a large, 8000 pound trailer. I thought that was pretty...
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    More fuel questions - Top Tier and high octane

    I should run some 87 again now that I have a few thousand miles. But I had the same reaction.. why would anyone run 87? At least here in CA. Easy to do the math. A 40 cent spread at 2-3 bucks a gallon might change my habits.
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    ECO Mode

    I have a road near my house in San Diego. I set the cruise to 47mph and the truck goes into ECO stays there until I get a red light. I can average 35MPG for miles... minus the lights of course.
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    More fuel questions - Top Tier and high octane

    HEMIs are very sensitive to octane. I can’t speak for how strictly defined ours are to the HEMI spec, but I do know that I get 10-20% better mileage with 89 octane. Enough that in some cases, I save spending 20 more cents on 89 vs 87. Here in commie California, gas is almost $4 a gallon, so that...
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    Map Update availability - SHAME on ME

    Mazda also makes free map updates.. a bit ridiculous in this day and age to charge. I will pay every 3-4 years only. This is the threshold that allows me to not feel like a total fool.
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    My very important opinion, also, get a pedal commander

    Konrad, well said. I like the quicker downshifts too... it changed my mind about buying an exhaust.
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    Crew Cab Subwoofer Boxes..

    My audio guy had some very poorly made double 10 inch box that, not only takes all under seat storage, but covered both ram bins. Screw that... I use my truck for a million things. So, that audio guy cut the box in half, custom made the seat storage bracket on the driver side, and I can flip up...
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    My very important opinion, also, get a pedal commander

    A few weeks ago I traded my loaded 2016 Corvette Stingray for a 2020 Rebel. Many reasons for doing so, the vette was paid for, I had my fun, time to trade out a hot loose woman for a one with 'birthing hips' I guess. But there is one thing about the truck that is, no doubt, undeniably ****...