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Upholstery Shampooer Recommendations?


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Aug 3, 2019
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LA County, People's Republic of California
We took the pickup on a lengthy trip last week. I managed to drop some crumbs despite being super careful. I brushed things off as well as I could. (Luckily, I was passenger at the time) At the next stop I carefully inspected things. I got lucky. Nothing got ground in. But I may not be so lucky in the future. And when I washed the truck after we got home I wondered about the cloth upholstery. Maybe vacuuming isn't enough.

My wife needs Christmas ideas... so I've been thinking.... and I'm wondering if anyone has one of those handheld upholstery shampooers and does it work and do you recommend it or is there another one you wished you bought instead?


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Sep 20, 2021
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color guard makes the best leather cleaner and conditioner. If you need to remove a stain ammo has something for it specifically but i cant remember the name of it.

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