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Side Step/Rail any help with bed access?


Apr 15, 2021
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Getting ready to order a 2021 and have a question for those that might have this combination.

Looking at Laramie Quad cab and can not find any good pictures of the side step/rail options.

I had a 2018 Ram Classic and was not easy to reach into front part of the bed, so want to try to take
care of this when I order the new Ram.

Do the Power Running Boards extend beyond the rear door at all, to give any help reaching into front part of the bed?

The small picture of the wheel-wheel side step option looks for sure like it would help.

Anybody have either of these steps on a Quad Cab---your experience/comments would be appreciated.



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Nov 18, 2019
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The Palouse
This is the main reason I went with the rambox option. I no longer store smaller items in the bed. Anything that fits in the ramboxes is stored there. If I'm putting smaller items into the bed I use the bed divider to keep those items near the tailgate. I was worried about losing cargo area but have found that I don't miss it at all for what I use the truck for. The added lockable storage is great, and it's easy access.

To answer your question about the powered steps, no they are not wheel to wheel. They stop at the rear of the cab.

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