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Open tailgate dead battery?


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Jul 13, 2018
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Houston, TX
Went on a road trip out of town over the weekend. On the way back home stopped in a small town to get gas. The family all got out to use the restroom and grab snacks. I hit the door lock function on my key fob. The horn sounded weird but I didn’t think anything of it. Once we were done we head back to the truck. I press the remote start and it doesn’t work. I start cursing in my mind about the next issue that will need to be addressed out of warranty. I go to unlock the door and nothing. I pull out the key in the fob to get into the cab and no lights on the dash. I start freaking out. Someone sees me panicking and assures me it’s just a dead battery. We tried multiple times with multiple vehicles to get the truck started but couldn’t. Being this is my fist push start vehicle I didn’t realize you get no warning before your battery dies. Previously your car would be hard to start giving you an idea replacement was imminent. This happened on a Sunday in a small town luckily there was one part store with one battery that I needed that cost over $250. Once I got back to my truck with the new battery I realized my tools were locked up in my bed under my tonneau cover. Is there a way to open your tailgate when your battery is dead?
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Feb 3, 2020
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London, Ontario
If bed access is important when battery is dead, you should consider a tonneau cover with an external lock
I don’t think there’s another option if the cover is locked/secured and preventing access.

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