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Need help please!! Blown right rear air bag! Dont know what to do?


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Feb 3, 2021
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Need to replace my rear passenger side airbag. And the legit ones are like $400 to $500 each. Probably 5 years ago I got the 4in BDS lift on my 2013 Ram 1500 Laramie. And used factory bags so by luck I found these and I was curious if anyone's ever heard of them or if I should trust it. Because at the Mopar price of 400, so 800 that's ridiculous and I was going to get rid of my air suspension. I guess I'm just looking for advice or what you guys have done. Thanks for your time and I'd like a solution where I can do it. I'm pretty handy and I don't feel like paying any more money. I'd actually be happy if those airbags are legit and hopefully it's not too hard to swap them out. I recently bought a 18 foot enclosed trailer and I'm thinking that just stressed out these 8-year-old airbags. So hopefully getting two new ones in the rear will solve all my problems. Also with the trailer being full of tools and so heavy I was curious as anyone put a support airbag that you can pressurize seperate where the bottom out rubber goes like you do with a regular suspension to take weight off my air bags/ or to assist these new bags to last longer. Just trying to find the golden answer. Thanks
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Jun 30, 2019
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Charleston, SC
You’re not going to like it, but take it to the dealer. We have the nitrogen tank, pressure regulated fitting and scan tool to properly service the air suspension. There is also a certain procedure that needs to be done in order to properly seat the new bag.

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