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Help, need input for roof top tent on bed rack!

Nov 12, 2018
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So I, looking to put my James Baroud tent on my truck an am trying to get all the info I can before making the purchase. I been torn between the retraxone XR and a 3 bar system or the Voodoo 10 in system. If I do the voodoo system I am still tempted to get the Paragon bed cover. Any one know of any other combos or have any experience with either of these covers with a RTT?


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Jan 5, 2019
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Max Modular makes a rack system as well.

I was looking at the Retraxone XR, but combined with the new HD rails from Yakima, I want to say it only held 250 lbs. I remember looking everywhere to try and find the combined capacity amount.

I really like this guys build:

Mighty Snowpants

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Apr 18, 2019
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I'm going to put a JB RTT on my Rebel. I have a Diamondback HD cover which can hold 1600 lbs. From there I can mount a variety of racks or just feet or tent mounting points to put the JB RTT on top. Frontrunner has the most options to chose which option to go with. Checkout LastlineofDefense youtube channel and look for most recent videos where he mounts his tent. (he tried several options and r early mounting option broke - then he went to frontrunner). while it's a Tacoma, the mounting concept is the same - Diamondback HD cover with FR tracks, with FR legs, with FR cross bars. here's his set up.

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