Habu's Ram powertrain dream wishlist


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Ok, this is gonna be kinda all over the place. I've driven cars and SUVs from pretty much every non-exotic manufacturer that you can buy in the US (except for Subaru), so my dream wishlist is basically tweaked versions of engines from all over the map. Some are American engines, some are engines from vehicles only sold outside the US, with the assumption that they could be made US-compliant and truck usable without affecting their stats or performance, and all would include the eTorque system at a minimum. Some are probably 2500/3500 engines with the majority being 1500 engines:
  • 3.0 v6 diesel: 315 hp, 479 lb/ft (from Audi)
  • 3.0 v6 diesel hybrid: 350 hp, 550 lb/ft (3.0 with hybrid drivetrain added on)
  • 4.0 v8 diesel: 445 hp, 663 lb/ft (from Audi)
  • 3.0 ttv6 gas: 325 hp, 369 lb/ft (lowest spec Maserati Pentastar)
  • 3.0 ttv6 gas: 424 hp, 428 lb/ft (highest spec Maserati Pentastar)
  • 3.0 ttv6 gas hybrid: 475 hp, 600 lb/ft (Maserati Pentastar with hybrid drivetrain added on)
  • 4.4 v8 gas: 456 hp, 480 lb/ft (from BMW)
  • 4.4 v8 gas: 523 hp, 550 lb/ft (from BMW)
  • 4.4 v8 gas hybrid: 600 hp, 625 lb/ft (modified BMW with hybrid drivetrain added on)
  • 5.2 v8 gas: 526 hp, 429 lb/ft (from Ford)
  • 6.2 v8 gas: 707 hp, 650 lb/ft (Hellcat)
I know there's less than a .00000001 chance of more than maybe 3 of those engines happening, all the 3.0 gas ones, but I can dream, right?

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