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FWIW, I like this Forum because it allows Political

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Oct 12, 2022
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Seen a comment about the Jan 6th Thread. Person did not seem to like it.
I don't agree with hardly anything in it, either , but I do like the fact that it is there and visit it, occasionally.
Mostly for the chuckle.

Some of the posters are among the most helpful folks on this forum.
Even the Mods seem to be normal, regular Folks.

It's not their fault they are mostly stupid.
(Come on, you got to give me that one, after the way you guys talk, in that thread.)

Somehow, and I have often pondered on how it happened,
darn near all of my friends are Republican, Religious and fanatical about Gun Rights.
I chalk it up to even they need someone to help them with life's problems,
when they get overwhelmed and, to a person, they are great folks.

Again, they can't help it they're Stupid.
If they weren't, they wouldn't need me around, to figure out what to do, when the crap hits the fan.

I can almost feel the ban coming........
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