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Falcon 2.25" Sport Tow/Haul Shock Leveling System


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Sep 24, 2022
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I just ordered this kit, and have a few questions. First off, this system boasts 0-2.25" of lift in the front, and fits both the Ram 1500 and Rebel. From what I have read , ORP springs are 1" taller than the non-ORP/stock springs. The instructions that came with the kit do not give any beneficial information for the front shocks on how much lift each circlip setting will give. There are no detailed instructions that I can find in the box or on their website. The only thing provided is a "Quick start guide" and simply states "Set the snap ring (pre-installed on “Level”) to the desired ride height". I'm really not sure what they mean by "Level" considering there is a difference in factory ride height between models with ORP and non-ORP. Can someone please explain this to me?

To make things more confusing there are 5 circlip grooves in the shock, and are labeled right on the shock body as:
Stock - That is fairly simple to interpret (0" of lift).
Med - I assume this is the abbreviation for "Medium", but how much lift is anyone's guess.
Level - This is the groove that the circlip comes pre-installed on.
Heavy Acc. - I'm guessing this has something to do with added weight, such as a winch and heavy aftermarket bumper.
Standard Level - I have no idea what this may be. It adds to the confusion as this is a second type of "level".

A more specific question is; How much lift does each of these settings provide?

I measured 2.5" difference in ride height from front to back. This is a Ram 1500 Bighorn (non-ORP), crew cab, 5'-7" bed, 5.7L w/e-torque, sport edition, and towing package.

I'm confused on the specs indicating 0-2.25" lift height, yet what I measured was 2.5 difference. Does the "Standard Level" somehow correspond to the setting to be used for a non-ORP model?

My plan is to add 35x12.5 tires on 18x9 wheels with a little poke (0 or -12 offset). The specifications indicate a 35" tire is the max size. I assume this will not be an issue, other than having to trim or re-shape some of the plastic. Does this sound like it will work? Any concerns?
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