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Downsizing from 6" lift options


Feb 11, 2020
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Dilemma: Currently have a Superlift 6" on my 2020 DT bighorn non-air, non-ORP. I have the Billstein 6112s set to 3 (left out spacer that came with kit) and the cheap shocks the kit comes with in the rear with the spacer set to lowest setting (3.5" I believe).
Along with that the kit specifies that it will only work with 20" wheels...so I put on 20x10 -18 and 35/12.5 Ridge Grapplers.
That was all fine and dandy until I just recently moved to a home 12 miles down a washboard rutted out mountain road.


The lift was pretty terrible from the beginning with the rattling in the rear...had it looked at and check multiple times and everything is correct. I think it's just the design of the adjustable spacer.
Anyway, I want to go to a BDS/Zone 4" because it says you can run 18's. I want more side wall which I'd imagine would also translate to a softer ride when paired with a load D or E tire unlike the load F I have now. Probably going to run KO2s next time. Also with the 4" I'd be able to run my 6112s on stock setting which I would also imagine translating into a softer ride.

What is the best way to get the softest ride with a lift? (kind of stuck with a true lift since my frame has been cut into I'd imagine?)

Is it more feasible to go back to stock with a level and some 33's or would that probably cost more with finding all the stock parts again.


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Apr 21, 2019
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What's your tire pressure? Try 40 front and 33 rear. A 4" with 35R18 with mentioned tire pressure should ride pretty good. If you want super plush you'll need a fox DSC or King adjustable compression shock and your looking at $3k+ just for shocks. I don't think you can go back ot a level unless you weld back in the cut pieces in the crossmember or replace it. Ultimately its the tires that are kicking your ***.
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