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Dash Cam opinions. "Rear view or Interior view "


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Jan 24, 2019
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Hey guys and gals.

I am going to be adding the Blackvue 4K camera to my truck and wanted to get you all's opinion.

I have thought about this and I don't really see the need for a "Rear view camera". I often back my truck in when I park and never really pull into parking spaces. I also find that when rear end accidents occur the insurance companies are often really good at determining that no matter what its the person who struck you from behind will be at fault.

I have been contemplating getting the "interior camera" in case the truck is broken into to get a good look at the face of the intruder. here is the new kit they just released with IR. https://www.blackvue.com/dr900s-2ch-ir/#specifications

what are your thoughts? do you have a rear or interior camera?

have you caught anything useful on your cameras?

thanks all!


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Apr 14, 2019
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Valparaiso, IN
I just ordered that very camera, along with the Power Magic Pro interface (so that the camera doesn't drain the battery below a certain threshold during parked mode. They are due in on Friday, and should be a piece of cake to install.

My thought process on the interior versus rear-viewing camera was that I'd rather have the interior, because, properly placed, it will catch activity behind the truck anyway (the one in my car is able to capture both the interior as well as a decent view of what's going on behind the car). The potential downside of an interior view is that if you're someone that's prone to distracted driving (texting and driving, etc.), it could provide a ready source of incriminating evidence in the event you are the cause of an accident. Because I'm not prone to distracted driving, I'd rather have that interior view. It's also useful if you're not the only one who drives your car. If you have a wife, girlfriend, son, daughter, etc. who drives your truck, it could be a good gauge of how well they're taking care of your truck!


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