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Big Horn 3.5 TFT vs 7


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Jun 24, 2021
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I had the better instrument cluster on my 2015 but the Built to Serve I wanted only had the Level 1 cluster and I was a bit worried since I was reminded of my 2013 basic 3.5 cluster in black and white. Well, after a couple months now, I'm OK with it. It has everything my old 2015 cluster had, is in color and actually has a bit more than the 2015. It isn't as nice as the larger one for sure with less customization options and less info displayed at one time even vs my 2015 but it's all there including the trailer towing info. So, I would have liked the nicer TFT, but am OK with this one and don't feel I have lost anything. I just have to drill down a bit more than if I had the bigger 7 inch TFT.

I do miss quite a few other things though on the level 1 vs the level 2 like the heated seats and wheel (had on my 2015), and one thing my Renegade has is the rain sensitive windshield washers that I was ambivalent about at first but love now. But I do have the console and that was a biggie as I had the bench seats on the 2013 and the console is a big improvement. The Built to serve package with the towing package is very nice for what I need and drum roll... I have been pleasantly surprised with the 3.21 rear end for towing, my biggest concern before buying.

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