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BBK Long Tube Headers


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Apr 25, 2023
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Hey guys, I’m new here and This will be my first thread. I’d like to discuss the merits and pitfalls of BBK headers in general, and see if anyone has put some of their long tube headers on a 5th gen and if so what Y/X pipe did you get for the system? Because looking around all the other company’s sell headers and midpipe kits but BBK doesn’t even have a mid pipe for the truck… also I realize they aren’t of the highest quality but it’s hard to justify $2500-$3500 for a setup. And yes the reason I’d like to go to long tubes is because I have a cracked passenger side manifold so if I’ve gotta replace it then upgrade right?


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Oct 16, 2019
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Doha - Qatar
I don't remember BBK offering long tubes only shorties, the quality was bad, it wasn't surfaces, I had to take it for resurfacing machine it, I've asked a local shop to fabricate a Custome 3" from the collectors to an X pipe to 2X ultra quite vibrant resonators welded to 2 mufflers 1 in 1 out 3" and then all the way to the back 3" with an added 4" Borla tips as the 5" tips used to be in contact with the rear bed step.

I removed the Borla atake cate back and the sound now is just beyond perfect, I did this set up on two trucks my friend got with the headers and catless Y pipe around 30RHPW, I just sent my PCM to HP tuners for unlock and we will see what gains are there.

Stanless steel where the only company offering X pipe, the rest where all cated ,green ,highflow cats, or catless.

My personal preference that I've tried in almost every car & truck will be American Racing Headers cheaper than the KooKs and never failed me in any of my previous vehicles.

My recommendation will be to save up and get ARH LTH catted or not paired with their cate back. or have a custom cate back fabricated to your needs

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