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22" Street Wheels


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Feb 9, 2020
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Why do the major manufacturers only cater to the lifted truck crowd? I want to add 22" wheels to my truck but I don't want the off road look. I am not opposed to even using some stock all black 22" sport wheels, but I would prefer to get aftermarket ones since most people want an aftermarket price for them. I have only found 2 wheels that I like and they are both made by Black Rhino. Are there any other manufacturers out there? They do need to be all black, since I have the Midnight Edition.

P.S. I am in NC, Winston Salem to be exact. So if you have the all black 22" wheels and want to sell them, hit me up. If you are reasonable on price, and they are in perfect condition, maybe we can make a deal.


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Mar 28, 2020
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Southern Illinois
I think it is honestly because the majority of truck owners are either keeping them stock, leveling them, or lifting them. I struggled with this same issue, only in my mind, to either go bigger wheels with lower profile tires, or at least level and add my favorite A/T Falken Wildpeak AT3W. I thought about my daily use, and although I don't go off-road much, and mostly stay on paved roads, I chose to go keep the stocks that we have and go A/T when winter roles around. I hate these street tires on our trucks. Sorry for the long post.


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Dec 23, 2019
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I guess it depends on what you consider not to be an off-road design. I have seen a few designs more catered to the street look, but it's usually the tires that emphasize the look.

Looking on Tirerack.com, a few choices (again, in my tastes and definitions of 'street' look) are:
  • Fuel Off-Road Contra
  • KMC XD847 Outbreak
  • Helo HE913
  • Helo HE 918
  • Moto Metal MO988 (Chrome)
  • KMC KM702
  • KMC KM712 Prism Truck
  • Asanti Black Label ABL15
  • Asanti Black Label ABL28
  • Asanti Black Label ABL29
  • Platinum Ghost
Keep in mind those are just my choices and from one source.

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