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2019 5th Gen RAM Offroad 4x4 Project Part 2: Eibach Pro Lift, ICON, Zone Offroad, KO2 Tires, Fox Shocks


Apr 25, 2021
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This is a continuation of my upgrades in preparation for some trips coming up starting in the fall time. Trying to add capability without having an all out dedicated rig. I still want a decent ride to work! Haha. Originally I did not put any new struts or shocks in, which made it a boat going over bumps on the highway. So this part 2 is fixing that and still investigating the slight vibration at most all speeds even after taking those stupid balance beads out, road forcing, and static rebalancing. More to come!

Discussed in the video:
Eibach Pro LIft Offroad +1" Rear Springs
Eibach Pro Lift Offroad +2" Front Spring
Eibach Pro Lift Offroad Adjustable Front Struts
Fox Shocks in Rear (Zone Off-Roads steel version which is cheaper. Same thing, just steel not aluminum)
Zone Offroad Front Upper Control Arms
285/65-20 BfGoodrich KO2 Tires
ICON Rebound 20x9 Wheels

#truck #hemi #merica #trucklife #trucks #RAM1500 #ramtruck #trucknation #5thgenram #offroad
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Dec 20, 2021
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I couldn't really tell on their website, but can you use the front adjustable struts with the factory springs?

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