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  1. dtwine45177

    Media Hub

    I just purchased a 2021 Ram 1500. I changed the factory head unit (5 inch) for an aftermarket head unit. My question: has anyone found a conversion cable/pigtail to convert the media hub to either connect to the aftermarket or for just charging capabilities? Hate having that hub down there...
  2. T

    Power Surge on USB

    Today when I started the engine I received an on screen notification stating "Power Surge on USB hub detected. Please disconnect the device." I unplugged all USBs but the message remains. Has anyone else run into this issue?
  3. PokerPlayer77

    Can we change fuse positions in the fuse box for an accessory? - USB is always on.

    2022 Dodge RAM 1500 Classic SLT Center console has 2 USB ports that are always on. (I read somewhere that they shut off after an hour or two, but mine don't. Had a USB accessory plugged in for 2 days without driving and killed the battery). Can I jump it's fuse location to another circuit...
  4. jmcmahan15

    Wireless Android Auto/Apple CarPlay adapter recommendation

    Any recommendations on a wireless Android Auto/Apple CarPlay adapter? I've seen some on Amazon, but before I buy one, just curious if anyone has any experience with one. Thanks!
  5. Thatwhite5.7

    No USB Outlets or 12 Volt outlets in the backseat??

    Is there not any 12 volt or USB Cable outlets in the back seat of the truck?? I have the 2019 Ram 1500 Big Horn Edition.
  6. CoolHandTurner

    USB issues

    Is anyone else having this issue: I have noticed that when I use remote start on my truck, the USB ports, for whatever reason, do not pick up my cable, which sucks because I love using Apple CarPlay. It's happened several times on me now and I don't know what's causing this. I have tried...