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trailer brake controller

  1. H

    RAM 1500 Trailer Brake for some, but not for others?

    HI all, I’m new here and I have recently purchased a 2021 RAM 1500 Longhorn 4x4. I bought it so that I could pull my travel trailer. I was told that the integrated trailer brake could be put in, so I bought the truck knowing that it could be put in later. I was then told a week later that my...
  2. Jasond78

    5th gen 1500 mopar trailer brake install causes issues???

    Hey everyone, My dad, brother and myself Recently purchased our very first Rams ever. We've bought 3 rounds of Chevy's in row that nearly all had serious issues so this time we decided to try Ram hoping for a better experience. I live in northern il and went all the way to Spokane Wa to get the...
  3. R

    Service department games

    I made the mistake of not ordering my '20 1500 Bighorn with a trailer brake controller. The Mrs. assured me we were done towing and I fell for it. So here I am checking with my selling dealer in Southern California for prices to install a factory TBC. ( I had it on my previous Ram truck and...
  4. jameydslone


    I just installed the oem trailer brake controller in my 2019 bighorn. I'm interested in turning it on using the alphaobd. I have seen a few threads on here about alphaobd but was just wondering what I need to get started. I already have a obdlink mx+. From what I understand I need a security...