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  1. Childs08

    Exhaust Fumes when sunroof is open

    Wondering if anyone has experienced this. I am noticing a very strong odor ONLY when sunroof is open and I am at a stop or idle. The smell seems to be exhaust related and is very foul almost like a diesel exhaust smell. This is a 2021 Ram 1500 with 35K, I have had the dreaded right side exhaust...
  2. A

    Sunroof Operation

    Hello, I have a 2022 ram 1500 limited with panoramic roof. I wanted to see if there is a setting that opens the sunroof shade automatically when you start the truck? My wife’s Range Rover has this feature.
  3. thabiiighomie

    Leaking sunroof? Where to look.

    I have a 2019 RAM 1500 Big Horn. Ordered it myself. 28k miles and counting. Parked in a garage at night, but my new work is outdoor parking. I’ve notice mildew smell in my truck. I use it for work so I just decided it must have been work materials the first few times. HOWEVER, I keep a...
  4. R

    Panoramic Roof Durability

    Hey guys, new to the forum. I'm in the process of ordering a Rebel and am wondering what everyone's experience has been with the durability of the panoramic sunroof over the long haul. I love the idea of having it, but am worried about its long term durability since I plan on keeping the truck...
  5. z28oc91

    Sunroof drains

    I bought my truck a week ago and saw the thread about checking sunroof drains. I looked at mine today to see if they were properly sealed. I see that the white drain tube is sticking out of the grommet in the other thread but mine are not. Should I bring to the dealer to fix, or would I be able...
  6. A

    Sunroof/shade motor stopped working

    So I have 19 1500 Laramie, I am out of warranty (53k ) and sure enough the Panoramic Roof/shade stopped working l. I had an issue with the control panel earlier and it was replaced but now I am gonna have to pay $700 ( no extended warranty purchased.. I know I should have ) has anyone else had...
  7. J.forteza

    Water leaks!

    Hey all, Seen similar threads in this issue, but the more complaints, the more likely FCA will actually do something about it. My 2019 2500 limited has been plagued by water leaks. First, through the sun roof catching the metal and not sealing properly. That caused water to leak through the...