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stock suspension

  1. S

    35 12.5 18 on stock 2019 Rebel Rims

    Hello! I have seen several discussion but nothing definitive regarding this topic. Has anyone put on 35x12.5x18 tires on the stock rebel rims with no level or lift? I am planning on new tires and want the biggest I can get without mods or if I have to a leveling kit. I was looking at Nitto or...
  2. Jaketoko14

    Can I put 305/55R20 tires on with stock suspension?

    I am looking to buy 305/55R20 tires to put on Fuel Rage 6 20x9 +1 offset wheels. Couple of questions: A local shop salesman told me that I can put 305/55R20’s on my 2020 1500 laramie without leveling it. Can I actually do this? Same salesman also told me that I shouldn’t get 10ply tires Bc...