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skid plates

  1. R

    Control Arm/Front Frame Cross Member 68328973AB

    Bought a used 2021 Ram 1500 which had apparently ran over a bolder or something. The front skid plate had literally been ripped out by force. It tore out the back 2 bolts where they connect to the frame. I believe the front skid plate attaches to "Control Arm Cross Member" part # 68328973AB...
  2. P

    Engine - Trans skid from Dethloff Mfg

    Installed the engine/trans skid plate today. Super easy to install and adds a ton of protection. Well built product and helpful service - called them with a couple questions. If you haven't looked under your Ram yet you will find a lot of vulenaerble areas that could ruin even an easy trail...
  3. Boyter

    Aftermarket bumper skid Plate

    Hello from Dubai! I just purchased my 2019 Ram Rebel after owning a 2013 model Raptor for 6+ yrs. 3 days in and so far, so good! Living in the Middle East, there is alot of off-roading fun to be had but its mainly in deep sand and I have concerns over the OEM bumper, specifically the lower...
  4. V

    Aftermarket/OEM Skid plates?

    I've ordered my new 2019 1500 Sport but for some weird reason the Sport is the only trim without a skid plate option! Would it be possible to order one OEM or does anyone have some suggestions for some aftermarket ones? Cheers, Victor