1. F

    Seats comparison, Laramie Longhorn or Limited?

    Yet, I haven't seen any formal comparison for different trims of seating anywhere, neither on forums nor on Youtube. I am almost on the market for a Ram1500, My main focus is on Laramie, Longhorn or Limited. I drive average 30k miles a year. Therefore I am looking a comfort ride for myself, and...
  2. RAMayor

    Heated/Ventilated Seat Controls Disabled/Not Working??

    Today I was driving home from lunch with the fiance and while driving I tapped the "seat controls" app on the 12 inch display to turn up the ventilated seats. When in there the only buttons i could tap were the mirror dimmer and the backup camera buttons. All other controls (heated steering...
  3. d_billzz

    Seat Covers

    I'd like to hear everyones thoughts on what seat covers they use/recommend! I love the interior of my Bighorn and I want to keep the seats protected for the long term. I am leaning towards more of the semi-permanent seat cover that tie down as opposed to the elastic/buckle covers. The most...
  4. A

    Front seats max position

    Hey Guys, just got the 2019 Ram Bighorn(power driver and manual passenger seats) yesterday. it seems the front seats doesn't go much further back like other trucks/cars. Even with the front passenger seat at the max location, the leg rooms are not that great. It definitely is OK but thought I...