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  1. 187penguin

    Literally cannot make this up! Less than 2 weeks out of warranty!!

    Started feeling a shimmy in the front end, and a humming/whine sound. Took it into the dealership and a hub and brake caliber were bad. Went ahead and replaced both hubs because if one’s going out, the other probably isn’t far behind. Truck’s at 58k miles, 99% of the driving is cruise control on...
  2. N

    Uconnect Deceptive Branding & Marketing

    I am creating this thread to get a feel for how many people purchased a 2019 Ram with a Uconnect w/Sirius XM radio thinking they would be able to access the Uconnect app, but were unable to do so because their Ram was NOT outfitted with the SiriusXM Guardian equipment. The more people that...