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readylift 3.5

  1. Narutoflow

    2021 Ram 1500 big horn 3.5 ready lift won’t fit

    I purchased a 3.5/2in ready lift for my ram 1500. The kit brought the front and back up 2in. They couldn’t fit the spring pre-loader on the front end because it put to much strain on the spring. Is there anything else I can do to bring the front end up without getting a kit to lower the...
  2. R

    2020 ram rebel 1500 2wd help

    Just purchased readylift sst 3.5. Does anyone know if that lift kit will work on my rebel. And I’ve seen on this forum people saying to install the kit without the preload spacer. My truck is 4x2
  3. A

    New body vs classic???

    Is there any difference between the 2019 classic and 2019 new body front end suspension. I’m trying to buy bilstein 5100 for a 2019 ram 1500 bighorn new body and seem to hit a dead end. Or can anyone recommend front end shocks? I’m currently installing the 3.5” ready lift and had the 8mm and...
  4. brodieg

    King 2.5 - Carli, Thuren, or Filthy Motorsports?

    Hey All, 19' Ram1500 DT, BigHorn, V8 w/ 4x4. Already running a ReadyLift UCA and 1.5" ICON dual rate rear spring. Also running 35" Nittos. This may be an existing thread already, just couldn't find any threads saying much about Filthy Motorsports. I am in the market for replacing my front and...
  5. P

    I need help with lift

    Hello. I have a 2019 Laramie 4x4 with stock 22. I want put some method nv 20x10 -24. On 35 tires. I can’t decide if I should get a Readylift 3.5” lift or a Zone 4” lift. What would you pick and why? Also how much trimming am I looking at for either application? Lastly what would give me a...
  6. PROJO

    3.5” Readylift (customizing) 2019-20 Ram Rebel

    I’m currently running part of the 3.5” Readylift on my ram rebel - has the top strut spacer, rear spacers, and upper control arms. took off the preloaded spacer, to get the smooth ride back - Would you guys recommend the 2.5” motofab spacer or 3” spacer, to get rid of the non leveled looK...
  7. Bee7_ivan

    Im not stock height anymore!!

    finally went up a few inches guys! check it out!
  8. Bee7_ivan

    Ready lift 3.5 isn’t really 3.5?

    I’m trying to talk my self into buying the ready lift instead of the rough country even tho I hate how the ready lift sits 1.5inches higher in the back. Anyways while I was looking into it I started seeing people talking about how you can’t use the preload spacer on 4x4 models thus causing you...
  9. Bee7_ivan

    *OFFICIAL Rough Country 3.5 // ReadyLift 3.5 thread.

    Can everyone that are running these kits Post an image below? *Rough country 3.5 or ReadyLift 3.5 *Tire brand *Tire size *Wheel size