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  1. Shifts And Grins Fab

    New Product Releases for Rams

    It's been a busy month here at Shifts and Grins Fabrication. We released our 5th Gen Ram 1500 30" light bar brackets thanks to @Waterfowler41 . We released 4th gen Ram 1500 rear tow hook brackets and have shipped the first wave out. We have been able to keep some 5th Gen Rear tow hook brackets...
  2. BobK

    What just fell off my truck?

    OK, well it didn't really fall OFF.... I had the driver side door open and saw a piece of foam inside the front left fender. Was not attached to anything and just pulled right out from the top with the hood open : Looking in the Right door side, you can see another one that is held on with a...
  3. N


    What size will fit the front factory tow hooks?
  4. N

    Rams in the snow

    Post them rams