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ram 3500

  1. bopkyta

    RAM 3500 multiple electrical/computer issues

    Hey everyone, our RAM 3500, 2020 is on the brink of collapse. Long story short, the truck is mainly used for long hauling trailers across Canada and the US, 99% highway driven, the milage is around 60k. I was driving it today, towing a trailer, as always, when a message appeared- "blind spot...
  2. A

    Employee pricing

    Selling any Ram 1500 Trim (with the exception of TRX) at employee pricing. Feel free to reach out. Aydin @ Bud Clary Auburn CDJR in Washington 206-631-9667
  3. A


    My name is Aydin, I am a sales person at Bud Clary Auburn CDJR located in Washington. If you're looking for a RAM TRX at MSRP feel free to reach out to me via text at 206-631-9667. Also have killer deals on any Ram 15,25, or 3500. Night edition or not. Let me know.