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    2019 5500 AlfaOBD Tire Reprogramming Issues

    Tried searching everywhere but had no luck... I just put 43s on my 5500 and trying to program the tire size with AlfaOBD I have the full app and the MX or MK+ obd2 thing So far I've entered the tire circumference thru both the program tire size and car configuration tabs under the body computer...
  2. D

    Upgrading to 7" Digital Instrument Cluster

    I found a 7" cluster on eBay and bought it today (wife will most certainly be mad) but it wasnt as expensive as when I did it to my 17 Ford F150. Anyhow, I am trying to find information about programming it once it arrives. Does the dealer have to do it? Can AlfaOBD do everything I need...