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panoramic sunroof

  1. A

    Sunroof Operation

    Hello, I have a 2022 ram 1500 limited with panoramic roof. I wanted to see if there is a setting that opens the sunroof shade automatically when you start the truck? My wife’s Range Rover has this feature.
  2. PP_McPooperson

    Roof Mounted LED Light Bar Install - Ram Rebel 2019 5th gen

    Hey everybody, I wanted to throw together a quick post of my roof mounted LED bar install. Upon researching the internet for help on this subject I was coming up empty so I figured since I just did it, i'll spread the wealth of knowledge! I have previously installed a Rhino Rack Pioneer...
  3. Maintf16

    Panoramic sunroof in Arizona

    Just curious if anyone here has gone through an entire summer in Arizona with the panoramic sunroof. If so would you recommend having it or staying clear of it?