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panoramic roof

  1. R

    Panoramic Roof Durability

    Hey guys, new to the forum. I'm in the process of ordering a Rebel and am wondering what everyone's experience has been with the durability of the panoramic sunroof over the long haul. I love the idea of having it, but am worried about its long term durability since I plan on keeping the truck...
  2. A

    Sunroof/shade motor stopped working

    So I have 19 1500 Laramie, I am out of warranty (53k ) and sure enough the Panoramic Roof/shade stopped working l. I had an issue with the control panel earlier and it was replaced but now I am gonna have to pay $700 ( no extended warranty purchased.. I know I should have ) has anyone else had...
  3. grynidbandit

    2019 Ram 1500 Laramie Longhorn FULL Chrome Delete

    After 4 long months I FINALLY finished Chrome Delete on my Laramie Longhorn(LOT OF CHROME) & figured I'd share before/after pics.