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paint warranty

  1. Bcryan

    Paint Pealing/chipping off exterior door handles not covered?

    Has anyone dealt with the paint on their outside door handles coming off? My truck is just two years old now and all 4 handles are doing the same thing. Local dealership states that it is not covered because they are “ paint chips”.. from my understanding paint chips are from rocks, debris etc...
  2. Jakmc25

    Dealer claim dodge won’t warranty paint issues

    I recently bought my first ram truck, it’s used but checked all the boxes I was looking for, Rambox, 3.92, LED lights, and Equipment 2 Package. These are surprisingly hard to find in my area (with or without the Rambox) While looking the truck over I noticed areas around the drivers side front...
  3. M

    Wheel defect warranty?

    Hello- I have a 2020 limited ram with the graphite color painted wheels. Today I noticed that I have about a 10mm round chip in my wheel down to the alloy, no other marks or scratches at all. My truck only has 1200 miles, is that something that the dealer would replace? It sure seems Iike poor...
  4. R

    Paint defect

    So I just got my truck back from the dealer for the 3rd brake light leak. After doing a thorough inspection for damage I found a paint defect under the passenger side tail light. I'm not sure if they did it or not, but the paint is cracking from an internal mini dent. Almost looks like something...
  5. N

    Clear coat peeling

    Hey all, I bought a 2019 Ram Laramie in June in OKC at Fowler dodge. It was a demo with 4,000 miles on it but was sold as “new”. This month I noticed the clear coat is chipping off just behind the plastic piece on the tail gate. Long story short... I went to a local dealer who sent me to...