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  1. M

    Nitto Ridge Grappler or G2’s

    Wondering if anyone has installed Nitto Ridge Grappler‘s or Grappler G2’s on their 2020 1500 limited stock rims 285/45/R22? If so, do you have a photo? Thanks in advance!
  2. brodieg

    King 2.5 - Carli, Thuren, or Filthy Motorsports?

    Hey All, 19' Ram1500 DT, BigHorn, V8 w/ 4x4. Already running a ReadyLift UCA and 1.5" ICON dual rate rear spring. Also running 35" Nittos. This may be an existing thread already, just couldn't find any threads saying much about Filthy Motorsports. I am in the market for replacing my front and...
  3. L

    What size tire??

    I have a 2017 Ram 1500 I’m looking to get some all terrain tires put on. I recently installed a 2.5 inch spacer in the front to level it out. I’m looking at getting some Nitto Ridge Grapplers and I’m torn between 285/65/20 and 285/60/20. I want to go as big as I can without any rub but I don’t...
  4. Bones

    Stock limited black 22x9 with 35x12.5 nitto

    Hello everyone, new to the thread over the couple of weeks. I’ve been reading a ton on here but haven’t found someone that did stock 2020 limited black 22s on 35x12.5x22 nitto ridge grapplers I plan to do a RC 5” lift and with 35s on the stock wheels. I like them but I notice that everyone...
  5. misael0910

    New tires on the rebel. 297/70/18

    Hello everyone my first post on this. My 2019 rebel I decided to upgrade the factory tires to 295/70/18. I wanted something that wouldn’t kill my gas or factory ride. So far pretty pleased with the results. Only a 2” ready lift level kit.