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multifunction tailgate

  1. Night Rebel

    Rambar & multifunction tailgate

    Has anyone retrofitted the Rambar with the multifunction tailgate? I know that it says it won’t fit but maybe someone has made it work.
  2. C

    Backup Camera Coaxial Cable Splice

    Seeking advice on best process to splice backup camera coaxial cable and help troubleshooting why I have blue screen on my 12" Uconnect for the backup camera. I've recently rebuilt a 2019 1500 DT Laramie. Bedsides were damaged and I subsequently replaced the entire box. Unknowingly at...
  3. S

    Which would you rather have? Advanced Safety Group or Multifunction Tailgate and Rambox

    Hello all, New member here. Been lurking for a while reading up on Ram info. Finally decided to sign up because I have a dying question I want to ask current and past owners. I'm looking to get a Ram Rebel and I'm debating on getting one with Advanced Safety Group or one with the Multifunction...
  4. R

    Multifunction Tailgate SWLR (Safe Working Load Rating)

    Looking for Safe Working Load Rating of the multifunction tailgate. 2020 Ram 1500 Rebel 5'7'' Box w/o Rambox w/ Multifunction Tailgate Now because of the multifunction set up im sure the load rating is much less then a solid one piece tailgate. I would like to know what kind of weight would it...
  5. redriderbob

    Mopar Releases Center Bed Step For Use With Multifunction Tailgate:

    Mopar Releases Center Bed Step For Use With Multifunction Tailgate: Available As A Standalone Accessory, Option, Or Part Of The Bed Utility Group... https://5thgenrams.com/mopar-releases-center-bed-step-for-use-with-multifunction-tailgate/
  6. Texas Truck

    Installed Bedrug for Multifunction Tailgate w/ Rambox too

    Like many other on this forum I wanted a full bedbug for my Limited w/ Rambox. I also had the (almost) impossible MF tailgate. Finally got it installed today. Let me know what you think.