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  1. BigDave76

    Thoughts on this offer?

    2023 Bighorn Night Edition -Crew Cab 4x4 with 5.7 V8 Hemi -Level B Equipment Group -Technology Group -Rear Wheel House Liners -Trailer Brake Controller Advertised Price online is $48, 984 MSRP is $62,760
  2. M

    Dealerships That Are Charging below Invoice or MSRP

    Post any dealer that you know of that are consistently charging below invoice price or less than MSRP. Let's make this a reference thread for anyone looking. Also post what percentage off of MSRP or Invoice and a breakdown of your specific deal if you have one. Not sure of the percentage off...
  3. shepboyrd

    TRX order information

    Hey guys, I am considering trading my 22 rebel for a 23 TRX, I was wondering if there was any useful promotions or discounts available this year. I got an affiliate discount for my rebel through tread lightly, but it sounds like that is dead now. I found a volume dealer that is willing to do...
  4. A


    My name is Aydin, I am a sales person at Bud Clary Auburn CDJR located in Washington. If you're looking for a RAM TRX at MSRP feel free to reach out to me via text at 206-631-9667. Also have killer deals on any Ram 15,25, or 3500. Night edition or not. Let me know.
  5. Hydrobluetrx1

    Msrp trx

    Does anyone know any dealerships in California or nearby where I can get a TRX at MSRP?
  6. Brianziggy64

    “2020” Price Negotiated From MSRP

    I have read on other threads where some are discussing pricing on 2020 models. I too am trying to decide between a “great deal” on a 2019 with all the options I want vs ordering a 2020 MY. I thought I would see what others are being quoted for a 2020 MY. Attached is a quote I was given this week...
  7. H

    New member and having a hard time

    I’m from jersey and I’m loving the new rebel 2019. I found the perfect one with an msrp of ($57,400). My monthly payments would be crazy since I have a leased 2017 Wrangler recon Rubicon but even without the trade the 3 dealerships won’t work on the msrp. They all tell me they only have a few...