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  1. V

    Auto-dimming Passenger Side Mirror

    I’m trying to retrofit my 2020 Laramie that didn’t have an auto-dimming passenger side mirror with one that does auto-dim. My driver side mirror already does have auto-dimming. So, I purchased a new mirror with the auto-dim feature and I’ve installed it on the truck. Plugged the connectors in to...
  2. cwolawrence

    Mirror glass fell off while closing driver door

    After work I got out of my 2019 RAM 1500 Limited 4x2 and close the door as normal. The driver's mirror glass falls out, being held up by the multiple wire connections. Truck has 2200 miles, built Jul 2019. Truck has never been driven in the rain or been to a carwash. Hopefully get it to the...
  3. Bsteiner36

    Side (Tow) Mirrors In Reverse not going back to original Position

    I wanted to let everyone know in case anyone else has this problem. Since I have owned my truck every time i put my Truck in reverse and the side mirrors fold down they never go back to the original position. Over time my side mirrors get so out of wack that I have to stop my truck and hit my...