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  1. Landram

    Lunchbox Locker

    2019 Bighorn 1500, 2wd 3.6l 3.21gears. Im looking into adding the 3.5" Ready Lift and running 35" tires. Its mostly a pavement warrior but I like to hit the wilderness on occasion and stock just doesn't cut it. Looking into options for lockers. Does anyone have insight on lunchbox lockers. Pros...
  2. S

    Aftermarket Lockers?

    I have a 2019 Tradesman with 3.21 gears and a standard differential (which I believe is the Chrysler 9.25). I’m building up the truck for overlanding/off-roading and I’m interested in an aftermarket selectable rear locker, however, they’re really hard to find on the internet. Can anyone point me...