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license plate

  1. apereira

    Tow Hook License Plate Relocation Bracket

    I don't know how much interest there will be in this, but I figured I would write something up in case anyone else wants to do the same. I recently removed the passive and active air dam on my truck and I didn't like the look of the factory license plate bracket hanging down below the rest of...
  2. J

    License plate relocate

    Not a big fan of the front center look of the front plate. Was wondering if anyone had tried something different successfully to mount off to the side. Perhaps something like this https://swarfworks.com/2015-ford-f150-raptor-front-license-plate-relocation/ That’s for the raptor, attached...
  3. ryco25

    Front License Plate Holder

    The weakest part of our trucks: the front license plate holder. I've now knocked off 3 of them while off-roading in two different Rebels (2x on mine, once on a rental). They catch and rip off so easily - on a truck that is built to off-road with a beefy skid plate, you'd think RAM would put on a...