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group buy

  1. Realtruck

    ReadyLift Group Buy

    Hello 5thGenRams Forum Members! I am pleased to announce that, thanks to a special partnership with the ReadyLift team, we are able to extend an exclusive group buy for you all! With no minimum to participate, just send us a PM or email with your vehicle information, and we will send over a...
  2. Realtruck

    AMP Research Group Buy

    Happy Monday 5th Gen Rams! I am very happy to announce our first group buy as an offical vendor of the forum! One of the hardest to get items as of recent has been the AMP Research Powersteps and we have them in stock! These should ship same or next day out of our warehouse in Salt Lake City...
  3. T

    Tazer DT Group Buy - Who is in?

    Hopefully, it is ok if we start a new thread for a new Tazer DT Group Buy. As of 6.13.21, we have 9 who have signed up! We need at least one more. If you are wanting a Tazer DT, please send me your name and email address. Once we have 10, I will contact the company and get the ball rolling. I...