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  1. K

    iPhone GPS out of whack when connected via Carplay

    I recently bought 2019 Bighorn that has the 8.5" screen with Uconnect and Navigation. When I test drove it I connected my iPhone to test Carplay. When I used Google Maps the GPS was putting the CVP (current vehicle position) all over the map, but never synced with the route. I thought it was...
  2. B

    Uconnect 12 inch GPS Sirius XM not working

    I have a 2019 dodge RAM 2500 with Cummins diesel and 12” Uconnect. The Sirius XM quit working and the GPS Registers hundreds of miles from where we really are. The compass shows we are going in a totally different direction than we are going. We’ve done several restarts and waited up to 10...
  3. S

    No fix offered by Ram Care on failure of GPS/Nav, UConnect, SOS & Assist functions

    5th Gen Ram 1500, 8.5" UConnect owner. Is anyone experiencing failure of UConnect functions including SOS & Assist buttons in addition to GPS/Nav not working? Ram Care states known software issue with no ETA on fix. Dealer states manufacturer will not authorize any fix so warranty seems...