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fuel tank

  1. duchunter6

    Removing fuel tank skid plate--grease bolt holes?

    I have a BH with ORP... I just bought the Mopar wheel-to-wheel side steps and they're so dang heavy, I feel like I need to remove the fuel tank skid plate to make up for the added weight. Not planning on doing any off-roading for a while. Do I put anti-seize or some grease into the bolt holes...
  2. rebel58

    Parts needed for changing from 23 gallon to 33 gallon fuel tank

    Hello all, I recently bought a 2021 Rebel which came with the new ETorque system. Apparently the 5.7 with Etorque comes with 23 gallon as standard. I am looking to change the fuel tank to 33 gallon. I know that there are many threads in the forum about this issue but most of them are about...
  3. DonsRam19

    Fuel rail cover

    Hey guys I had my fuel rail cover fall off the other day(I found it and put it back on) has anyone had this happen before?
  4. J

    Installing Larger Fuel Tank

    Want to swap out for larger fuel tank. My 2019 Ram 1500 has the standard sized tank. I wanted the larger tank option but couldn't find a truck I wanted with the larger tank unless I ordered a vehicle. I had a 2017 F150 with the larger tank and it was great not having to worry so much about when...