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fuel economy

  1. M

    Feels Like It’s Stuck in the Mud

    We recently took our 2020 Ram 1500 on a long vacation FL to Michigan and back. While on the trip the truck started feeling sluggish around town and noticed drop in fuel economy from 17+ to less that 11. After we got home I noticed that when starting the truck and driving in the morning the rear...
  2. D

    2020 Rebel fuel economy

    Hey everyone. I’m new to this site, and just bought my first Ram with the 5.7 a few months ago, and have over 8000 km on it. I’m not sure if this has already been asked before, but I wanted to ask what other owners have been getting for gas mileage with their trucks? Currently I average around...
  3. J

    An Engineer's Ultimate Guide To 3.21 VS 3.92 Axle Ratio

    I hope this post will help to end the debate with facts and not opinions, and become THE post people refer to those who are having a hard time deciding. You already know that 3.92 is better for towing, and 3.21 gets better fuel economy, so I will talk about what you might not know Bottom line...