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fender flares

  1. F


    Trying to determine whether or not get rid of these flares. I have never seen the truck with the 33s and no flares. I had everything done at once and I've never been a fan of these Bushwacker flares. Now I want them off but I'm a little concerned the tires are going to look way to small floating...
  2. Tank275

    Wheel Spacers

    So I currently have 35/12.5/20 trail grapplers on fuel wheels. I do not know the offset but the tire is only about .5 to 1” outside the fender. I am looking to add bushwacker pocket flares and am considering spacers to match the additional couple of inches. I do not want to replace the wheels...
  3. thabiiighomie

    Will PPF do the same job as Fender Flares on a Bright White 2019 Ram 1500 with Sport Appearance Package?

    I just ordered the truck WITHOUT OE Fender Flares. I am going to have PPF put on the whole front end including headlights and fog lights, rocker panels, bottom 1/4 of each door, and around the fenders. Should I have ordered the Original Equipment Fender Flares? Also installing Weather Tech...
  4. R

    Fender Flares

    Does anyone know where to find Fender Flares that resemble this?: https://turn5.scene7.com/is/image/Turn5/R104302?$mproductlarge$&wid=810&hei=608 I want to add a pair for the front and back that are painted black/black for the Rebel. After I get a set of flares on....other than the factory...